We prepare your data for you
We prepare your data for you
About DataShow
Our no-code system gives the fastest access to any data, creating a dataset by your unique Google-like request. No more need to search for data manually, to use the help of your colleagues, or to explore complicated databases.
Let us prepare your data for you!
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On average searching for necessary data takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days and the help of analysts or data engineers.

Let our algorithms do it for you for a couple of minutes!
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  • Access to open-sourced datasets
  • Visualization based on our templates
  • Dataset download in xlsx, csv
  • Graph download as png
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  • Access to more than 100 premium data sources and forecasts
  • Your databases connection
  • Your visualization templates
  • Publication rights
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Why us?
Easy to use search
Just print your request and get the result: dataset and dashboard, our NLP algorithms make the rest for you
AI recommendation system
Get related data recommendations to improve the speed of the decision-making process and to extend your problem view
Internal and external sources
We provide access to more than 100 external data sources and help your team to provide safe access to internal databases
Trusted access to data
We carefully choose and check each data source and do not change original data
Customizable dashboards
Explore data with any kind of visualization
Download dataset and graph
Download in different formats and integration with using corporate tools
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+7 915 254-30-29
+7 915 254-30-29
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